Maintain Your Space: Revealed: Answers to Top FAQs for Self-Storage

Monday, 2 November 2015

Revealed: Answers to Top FAQs for Self-Storage

Have peace of mind when storing your items in a self-storage facility by making sure you first get answers to your most pressing questions. Here are a few of the most common concerns:

When Is Renting a Unit the Best Solution?

Whether or not you need to rent a self-storage unit might not always be clear. Some people like to explore all of the options available to them before deciding what move to make. There are several cases in which renting a unit is likely to be the best approach. This includes:

  • Moving
  • Warehousing small business inventory
  • Supplementing home or office storage
  • Keeping secret items away from prying eyes

Will Items in Storage Be Secure?

Quality self-storage facilities normally have several security measures in place to protect your belongings from theft, pests, fires, and other risks. When considering a particular storage location, be sure to check for and ask about safety features such as alarms, cameras, sprinkler systems, and so on.

Is It Necessary to Purchase Insurance?

Most renters are presented with an option to buy additional insurance for their unit when signing an agreement. While it is not a requirement, having protection in the form of a policy against damage or theft can save from financial loss in case of an unforeseen event.  Insurance may be especially important to have if the items you are storing are high-value.

The right information can help you move forward and make the right decision. For answers to more FAQs, visit this website about self storage units in Salinas.

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