Maintain Your Space: Types of Insurance Available for Self Storage Units

Monday, 2 November 2015

Types of Insurance Available for Self Storage Units

Storage units are used to safely and securely store personal and business items, often for a long period of time. Although storage facilities have security measures in place,these may not be enough to truly feel that your possessionsare protected.However, you can take extra precaution to protect your items with various types of storage unit insurance.

1. Storage Facility Insurance

The self storage facility you choose offers policies that cover a small amount of property. The coverage is from around $2,000 to $5,000, and the additional cost is added to your total monthly bill. Typically, this cost is $8 to $10 a month for a $2,000 policy.

2. Private Insurance

Some private insurance companies allow you to add storage insurance to your home or auto policy. This option costs less than storage facility insurance and can be easier to maintain.You also may already be covered for self storage units under your homeowner or renter insurance.

3. Independent Self Storage Insurance

Some licensed independent insurance providers also offer policies specifically for self storage units. This is a good option if you want greater coverage, perhaps over $20,000 worth, but these policies also have higher deductibles and premiums.

Purchasing self storage unit insurance can give you peace of mind when storing your possessions away from your home or business. However, to truly secure your items it is important to do research to find out which type of insurance is best for you and what it covers. Visit this website to learn more about various types of insurance available for business storage in Salinas.

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